VISUAL BASIC 5.0. Language reference

The Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 Reference Library is the core documentation for all editions of Visual Basic 5.0 -- Learning Edition, Professional Edition, and Enterprise Edition -- and the ultimate resource for developers at all levels. It is identical to the authoritative material presented in the Visual Basic 5.0 Help files -- presented in the open-book form that many find indispensable.Language ReferenceThe LANGUAGE REFERENCE contains A-Z listings for the objectives, functions statements, methods, properties, and events encompassed by the Visual Basic language. Additional appendixes supply reference information to the ANSI character set, Visual Basic data types, operators, and derived math functions.ActiveX" Controls ReferenceThe ActiveX Controls Reference has two parts: The first provides A-Z entries for the custom controls that ship with Visual Basic. Then, for each control, the relevant properties, events, and methods are described alphabetically.Programmer's GuideWhether you are a beginning Visual Basic user or an experienced developer, this is the comprehensive guide to Visual Basic programming you need. Straight from the Microsoft Visual Basic product team, the Programmer's Guide covers everything from programming fundamentals and "Your First Visual Basic Program" to optimizing and distributing your application -- documentation you can't get anywhere else in print form.

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Book Title: VISUAL BASIC 5.0. Language reference

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