Sales & Service: The Cutting Edge of Self-Storage

In this self-storage specific book, business coach Christel F. Land boils down the most relevant research on why customers buy and combines it with industry best practices. The result is a simple yet powerful step-by-step approach to how you can make the most of every single customer interaction you have. You will learn:- How your mindset influences your sales performance and what you can do to change it. - A simple sales model that you can use for straight forward sales, objection handling and dealing with disappointed customers. - How to adapt your style to the four different customer types. This will help you build trust quicker and close more effectively. - A simple service model that gives you all the ingredients you need to build strong customer loyalty. - How to stay successful in sales over time. - And much more. Whether you are in a customer-facing role or in sales management, this book offers lots of practical tips and tricks that will help you sell and serve your customers with excellence.

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Book Title: Sales & Service: The Cutting Edge of Self-Storage

Book Author: Christel F. Land

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ISBN: 169099018X