The Six Habits of Highly Effective Sales Engineers

SOFTWARE SALES / TECHNICAL PRESALES / SALES ENGINEERS: If you are in software sales or technical presales - or considering entering the field - this book is for you!Is a convincing demonstration the only thing that's standing between you and your next customer?Are you ready to make your next demo the best demo of the year?Do you feel that you can do better but don't know how?NEVER AGAIN LOSE A DEAL YOU SHOULD HAVE WON!Walk into ever demo feeling confident and preparedInclude the one critical moment that must be in every demoHit that home run and know how to set it upMaster the art of answering difficult questionsLeverage the power of saying NO with easeA BOOK WRITTEN SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU!Avoid late nights and long sales cyclesAccelerate pipeline velocity and close more dealsLearn and apply the best practices in the businessKnow exactly what to say and do before, during and after a demoAchieve the technical win alarming, predictable consistencyThis book addresses the root causes of the most common mistakes made by sales engineers. Add it to your cart NOW to permanently improve your software demos and sales results.

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Book Title: The Six Habits of Highly Effective Sales Engineers

Book Author: Chris White

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ISBN: 0578521903